RxTerms Demo Form

This simple form demonstrates how the data in RxTerms can be used to support medications data entry, for example, in an e-prescribing or Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) application.

(Demo form loading...)

This demo uses the Clinical Table Search Service web API for RxTerms for its data source, the autocomplete-lhc package for its autocompleter, and the LHC-Forms form rendering widget for FHIR Questionnaires, all of which are being developed by the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications. If you are interested in reproducing this on your own page, feel free to use the JavaScript code in the source of this page as a starting point. (Note to developers: This LHC-Forms widget allows easy retrieval of the form's data, some of which might only be in the form's data model, using a JavaScript API call or via an export to a FHIR QuestionnaireResponse.) For a simpler example of an autocompleting field that does not use LHC-Forms, see the demo on the RxTerms web API page.

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